Read to Connect is a provincially incorporated non-profit organization that offers book therapy services to diverse community groups in Toronto targeting both children and adults. The ultimate goal of Read to Connect organization is to help individuals coping with difficult life transitions, health and social issues improve their well-being and regain self-esteem and a sense of belonging, and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Bibliotherapy, or book therapy, is the practice of using books to help people cope with their mental, physical, emotional, developmental or social problems. Together with some other similar practices, such as art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, and play therapy, bibliotherapy emphasises the idea of the healing, consoling power of art through its various forms.

By means of reflecting upon readings and participating in guided group discussions, the participants of book therapy sessions become aware of the “universality” of problems and challenges they are going through. They feel less isolated and gain an increased network of emotional support. Strategically chosen stories provide a channel through which individuals can discuss their behaviours and get insights into their own situations.