Our Services

We provide services to people of all ages and of diverse backgrounds

  • Bibliotherapy sessions

-group sessions in a variety of community settings
-individual consultations (in-person and remote)

  •  Bibliotherapy booklists – lists of recommended titles, both fiction and self-help books, (e.g. books on depression, anxiety, child abuse, death & bereavement etc.) provided through our website and websites of our partners.
  • Informational Workshops on bibliotherapy and Training sessions for psychotherapists, librarians and social workers.

Who will benefit from Bibliotherapy sessions?

People affected by/living with

  • physical and mental challenges (people with chronic and life-threatening illnesses, mental challenges, and disabilities)
  • psychological and emotional issues (stress, anxiety, self-esteem, loss and grief, problems related to man-made and natural disasters, etc.)
  • social issues (abuse, isolation, drug and alcohol addiction, difficulties resulting from life changes, etc.)

What community organizations might consider offering Bibliotherapy to their clients?

  • community centres
  • community health centres
  • public libraries
  • nursing homes
  • shelters
  • hospices
  • settlement agencies